Scholarships & Financial Aid


At the School of Fashion Design, we understand pursuing a college education may be a significant undertaking.  At SFD, we are committed to doing everything we can to work with incoming students to ensure everyone who is interested is able to complete our program.

Full time tuition is broken down into a manageable, no-interest payment plan. Also, SFD offers a number of scholarships and awards to support our students (see below).

SFD is not included under Title IV of the Higher Education Act to receive Federal or State aid. This means we are not able to receive payments from students in the form of Federal or State loans.

Scholarships & Awards

*Students are eligible to apply for a scholarship after successfully completing one full semester of study at SFD. Scholarship applications are due at the end of Fall semester. All SFD scholarships are announced at the start of Spring semester and applied toward a student’s tuition during the student’s second year of study at SFD.

SFD Board of Trustees Scholarship, $1,000
The School of Fashion Design’s Board of Trustees has endowed a scholarship to be awarded to a student who not only demonstrates talent and great promise, but also a commitment to SFD. Available for full or part time students.*

SFD Alumni Scholarship, $1,000
Through the generosity of SFD Alumni, we have established an Alumni Fund. Each year this fund issues a scholarship to recognize a student who demonstrates creativity and technical proficiency in his or her design work. Available for full or part time students.*

Bay Village Community Involvement Scholarship, $1,000
The Bay Village Community Involvement Scholarship is generously provided by SFD friends and supporters in the Bay Village community. Available for full or part time students.*'

Dr. Denise Hammon Scholarship, $500
Generously provided by an anonymous donor, the Dr. Denise Hammon SFD President Emerita Scholarship is awarded annually to an exemplary student who embodies the SFD mission and is striving to become a leader in the fashion design industry. As a student, they are committed to learning to be the best. Available for full-time students only.

Style Your Threads Scholarship, $500
Generously provided by Geraldine Cole, Owner of Style Your Threads fashion consulting. Offered to a local New England SFD student in his or her final semester of the SFD Certificate program. This award is given to a student who has demonstrated time and effort commitment to his or her SFD studies, as well as punctuality in both personal attendance and delivery of assignments and projects.

Teen Fashion Clinic Award, varies
Awarded to a high school senior who has completed SFD’s Teen Fashion Clinic and is now enrolling for full time study in the SFD Certificate in Fashion Design program. Cost of Teen Fashion Clinic participation is credited toward a student’s full time tuition at SFD.

Additional Resources (Offsite)

Students may pursue private loans. Also, several websites offer scholarship searches. We encourage you to research private scholarships available to students in your specific community or that fit your unique profile and circumstances. →


We’re here to answer questions and help you pursue your fashion education at SFD. For more information about scholarships or tuition payment schedules, please contact our Admissions office: